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    Repair of Stack Door of Harbin Express Door Workshop-Trouble Handling of Soft Curtain Express Door


    Whether we buy the fast shutter door for domestic or commercial use, we need good maintenance. If it is not properly maintained, we will find faults in the use process. When my fast shutter door finds faults, how should we repair it? Come and get to know Jianda Xiaobian.




    According to our understanding, the current use of fast curtain is more, at the same time, the use of fast curtain doors has brought us a lot of convenience in life.


    In fact, in the process of product development and manufacturing, we all hope to present better products to customers, but in the use of products, fast shutter doors will inevitably find faults, and then we will understand the repair of fast shutter doors.


    1. The braking slip problem of fast shutter door maintenance also troubles users frequently.


    To solve this problem, we can repair the brake brake brake for the fast rolling shutter door first, whether there are stains or oil stains, and if there are, we can clean it with gasoline.


    If the brake brake is normal, it is necessary to confirm whether the compression spring and electromagnet are not installed correctly or the spring force is too small. It is enough to reinstall and replace the spring and electromagnet.


    2. When the specialty faults such as frequency converter and display are relatively high, it shows that the over-current phenomenon in acceleration is found in the maintenance of the frequency converter for the fast rolling shutter door.


    陕西体彩网 At this time, it is necessary to check whether the motor is short-circuited or partially short-circuited for repairing the fast shutter door, to see if the insulation of the output line is good, and to extend the acceleration time. If not, we should check whether the configuration of the fast shutter door converter is reasonable or not. If not, we should increase the capacity of the converter and reduce the set value of its torque rise.



    3. In fact, it is a common fault that the motor does not start in the fast shutter door maintenance, which results in the motor not starting. Generally speaking, it can be inspected from the circuit, bridge rectifier, electromagnetic coil, running capacitor, limit switch, overheat protection, relay coil and other parts. Once the damage is discovered, the motor can be replaced. Just drop the damaged parts.


    If the running time is too long and the burning protection is disconnected, it is only necessary to stop the motor and start it easily when the temperature drops.


    "Harbin Express Gate" Longsheng Stewed Fish is a professional express door manufacturer. It has more than ten years of old brand, good character, intimate after-sale and comprehensive variety. If you need fast shutter repair, high-speed shutter, fast stacking door and hard fast door, you can call our order number: 13940183063. We will serve you wholeheartedly.


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